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Video Game Parties To Your Door!
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What is a Mobile Video Game Theater?
It is a state-of-the-art game trailer equipped with the latest video gaming systems, allowing up to 24 people to game at the same time!

  • Xbox One, PS4, PlayStation VR & Nintendo Switch

  • Huge game library

  • Connected for online games like Fortnite

  • Seven 55" widescreen high-definition TVs

  • Vibrating stadium seating

  • Fully immersive sound system

  • Game system linking

  • Self powered

  • Climate controlled 

This is Central Illinois's supreme party and special event attraction that will blow your guests away!

(309) 642-0511


Great for any event

The ultimate for group fun... birthday parties, school celebrations, corporate events, festivals, and more! There is no other activity that will thrill your crowd the way Rolling Video Games can!


Game Coach included

Our knowledgeable ​Game Coaches accompany every event to assist and inspire your guests with our state-of-the-art Rolling Video Games mobile video game theater.



The typical cost of a birthday with party rentals ranges from $300-$500. Rolling Video Games offers a very affordable option that provides much more entertainment value for the dollar.


So Many Event Options!

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Charities & Non-Profits


School & Work Events


Ultimate Birthday Party

WE CAN ENTERTAIN ANY SIZE GROUP.  If you have a large event with lots of people and you want us to keep them entertained, or if you are looking for an exciting activity for your next fundraiser, we can help. We can set our mobile gaming theater up to rotate players (16 or 24 at a time) in tournament style intervals for all skill levels. We've had great success with this "big event" format... and of course, we have small parties too!  We do it all!


“I’ve never had a party where everyone is laughing and having a great time every minute. I’m used to a few problems, but this was perfect.”
Phillip and Jen

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